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July 22, 2008



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 Verbal Plenary
 Preservation - Perfect
 KJV-Onlyism is a false
 witness that sows
 discord among brethren
 (Prov 6:19)

 The Perfect KJV (KJV-Onlyism, KJV Onlyism, or KJVO) heresy is an abandonment of the Historic Reformed Faith and the Westminster Confession of Faith and comes in two forms: –

·         Ruckmanism, which holds to an inspired 1611 translation (“double inspiration”) resulting in a perfect English Bible.  Where there is a discrepancy between the English and its underlying Hebrew Masoretic or Greek TR texts, the English is to be taken as more correct!?

·         Verbal Plenary Preservation, also known as KJV-VPP or VPP-KJV, which holds to an inspired perfect textual criticism or recognition in 1611 which restored the Hebrew and Greek text of the KJV to be jot and tittle identical to the Divine Original Autographs!?

Ruckmanism and KJV-VPP are estranged twin sons of Benjamin Wilkinson, a leading Seventh Day Adventist who wrote “Our AV Vindicated” in 1930.  Wherever it has gone, in whatever circles, Perfect KJV Onlyism has wrecked havoc and caused discord among brethren.

Far Eastern Bible College (FEBC) has sadly not only adopted, but now champions this false Charismatic post-canonical inspiration doctrine.  FEBC cannot prove KJV-VPP – they cannot even convincingly and consistently identify the Hebrew-Greek underlying texts – but they call all who do not hold their views, “Neo-Fundamentalists”, “Neo-Evangelicals” or lacking in saving faith.  In this website, the KJV-VPP heresy is exposed and refuted with clear evidential facts and sound biblical exegesis!  It is our humble, earnest prayer that the Lord would be pleased to deliver His people from this divisive “doctrine”, in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Amen.




Letter to Jeff Khoo that he never replied to


24 September 2003

Rev Dr Jeffrey Khoo
Far East Bible College
9A Gilstead Road
Singapore 309063

Dear Brother Jeff,


Greetings in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Many months ago, I shared various thoughts, analysis and findings with you on your VPP proposition and when you conceded that there was no “single purified text”, I had thought that you had seen through the un-sustainability of the VPP theory. But your publications continue to call all who are non-VPP, “neo-fundamentalists”, which is not helpful to the peace in our churches. If you were directing this only against the anti-KJV attackers, it would be wise and helpful to clearly state so and to exclude pro-KJV non-VPP brethren.

On the Dean Burgon Oath, my copy of Dean Burgon’s “Inspiration and Interpretation” subsequently arrived, and on page 89 at the ending of “Chapter III entitled “Inspiration of Scripture – Gospel Difficulties. – The Word of God Infallible. – Other Sciences Subordinate to Theological Science”, it is clearly seen that the Dean referred to the Autographs.

I had remained burdened about the long-term divisive effect on our churches of the VPP theory, that either must be absolutely true or false – it cannot be both. I have as such completed and summarised all my review findings in the enclosed report. I had strictly controlled and restricted my previous findings to you, Rev Timothy Tow and Dr S H Tow, but the enclosed shall not be similarly restricted but may be made available for distribution according to the needs and as the Lord leads. The very first copy is enclosed for you as a matter of Christian brotherly courtesy.

My dear brother, as said before, I am fully with you in the fight against liberalism but we must do this with clarity and truth! We need not exaggerate because the Lord Himself will fight for us. If you can rebut the evidences herein submitted, do feel free to do so with hard facts. If the evidences are accurate but we choose not to submit to the truth, we have the Scriptures to admonish us (Tit 3:10).

Your brother in our Lord Jesus Christ,

Seng Hoo


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