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Truth shall spring out of earth;
and righteousness shall look
down from heaven. Psalm 85:11

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Thursday, 22 February 2007



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 Verbal Plenary
 Preservation - Perfect
 KJV-Onlyism is a false
 witness that sows
 discord among brethren
 (Prov 6:19)

 The Perfect KJV (KJV-Onlyism, KJV Onlyism, or KJVO) heresy is an abandonment of the Historic Reformed Faith and the Westminster Confession of Faith and comes in two forms: –

·         Ruckmanism, which holds to an inspired 1611 translation (“double inspiration”) resulting in a perfect English Bible.  Where there is a discrepancy between the English and its underlying Hebrew Masoretic or Greek TR texts, the English is to be taken as more correct!?

·         Verbal Plenary Preservation, also known as KJV-VPP or VPP-KJV, which holds to an inspired perfect textual criticism or recognition in 1611 which restored the Hebrew and Greek text of the KJV to be jot and tittle identical to the Divine Original Autographs!?

Ruckmanism and KJV-VPP are estranged twin sons of Benjamin Wilkinson, a leading Seventh Day Adventist who wrote “Our AV Vindicated” in 1930.  Wherever it has gone, in whatever circles, Perfect KJV Onlyism has wrecked havoc and caused discord among brethren.

Far Eastern Bible College (FEBC) has sadly not only adopted, but now champions this false Charismatic post-canonical inspiration doctrine.  FEBC cannot prove KJV-VPP – they cannot even convincingly and consistently identify the Hebrew-Greek underlying texts – but they call all who do not hold their views, “Neo-Fundamentalists”, “Neo-Evangelicals” or lacking in saving faith.  In this website, the KJV-VPP heresy is exposed and refuted with clear evidential facts and sound biblical exegesis!  It is our humble, earnest prayer that the Lord would be pleased to deliver His people from this divisive “doctrine”, in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Amen.




Which KJV, 1611 or 1769, do you use?

Which KJV, 1611 or 1769, Do You Use?

Many who use the KJV today believe that they are using the 1611 edition.  A certain church website for instance has this statement, “We are an Independent, Fundamental Missionary Baptist Church located in … preaching and teaching from the KJV 1611 Authorized Version Bible”.  Another website has an interesting account by a minister who regularly drove past a small church having this signage: “We are a church using the 1611 KJV”.  One day, he decided to stop and visit the folks, and there was able to show them that the KJV that they (and we all) use, the KJV in print and circulation today is actually the 1769 (Blayney’s) edition.  The 1611 version is long out of print and a rarity; its’ archaic English probably unreadable to most of us.  The grateful brethren subsequently change their church signage.


The current enamour with the 1611 KJV has its root in Wilkinson’s 1930 “Our Authorized Bible Vindicated”.  Dr Benjamin G. Wilkinson, (1872 – 1968), Dean of Theology, Seventh Day Adventist Columbia Union College, 7600 Flower Avenue, Tomoka Park, MD 20912, was concerned that certain English verse renderings in the newer ASV and NIV translations were eroding textual support for SDA Saturday Sabbath keeping and soul sleep/annihilation of unbelievers.  Otis Fuller, a Baptist minister, later reproduced 10 of Wilkinson’s 16 chapters, sans footnote references to Mrs Ellen White and Wilkinson’s SDA affiliation, in his book, “Which Bible?”  Today, two forms of double or second inspiration theories exist: -


1.             Peter Ruckman’s view that the KJV translation process in 1611 was inspired, resulting in a perfect English Bible: any conflict between the Hebrew Masoretic and Greek TR versus the English rendering should be resolved by the English.


2.             Verbal Plenary Preservation: a new 2002 name for the view that the KJV Translators in 1611 miraculously recognised and restored the Hebrew-Aramaic-Greek texts perfectly to the jot and tittle, resulting in an exact virtual photocopy of the Autographs.


Ruckmanism and VPPism are estranged twins at deep diametrical odds.  Yet, there are in the literature some who wistfully wish for both (perfect 1611 English and perfect Hebrew-Aramaic-Greek) to be concurrently true. Without repeating the theological refutations against Perfect KJVism, we here simply reproduce 3 appendices which speak for themselves: -


Appendix A:     The Various KJV Editions

Appendix B:     The 24,000 Changes in the AV Since 1611 to 1769

Appendix C:     Scrivener’s List of Remaining English Mistakes in the 1769 KJV



May our Almighty Triune God bless us with His truth and may His Holy Name be praised!


In our glorious Lord Jesus Christ, the only Saviour of the world,



Lim Seng Hoo, 30 January 2007



APPENDIX A:   The Various KJV Editions



One author compiled the following table of various editions of the KJV since 1611 under the title “Fluid History of the KJV”.  Our current KJV is based on Blayney’s 1769 edition.


These are some of the thousands of changes in the KJV since 1611. The original translators' manuscript that was given to the printer is lost (like the autographa). We have only copies, all of which differ from each other. Also, all of them differ from the original because all of them have printers' errors.

1611 original edition

More than eight thousand notes in the outer margins giving more literal translations, alternative textual readings, and explanatory notes; the translators put variant Greek readings in the margins of the NT

1613 edition

More than four hundred variations from the first edition

1616 edition

Changed "approved to death to "appointed to death" (1 Cor. 4:9)

1629 edition

Major revision of the KJV (printed at Cambridge)

1629 edition

First time the KJV excludes the Apocrypha (not generally omitted until the nineteenth century);

1631 edition

printed at London Called the "Wicked Bible"-the word not is omitted from the seventh commandment


Further revisions

1717 printing

Called the "Vinegar Bible"; Jesus gives a parable of the vinegar in Luke 20

1745 printing

Called the "Murderer's Bible"; Mark 7:27 reads, "Let the little children first be killed instead of "filled"


Thomas Paris Extensive revisions, published at Cambridge edition


Blayney’s edition. Basis of most modern KJV Bibles; differs from the 1611 edition in at least seventy-five thousand details


Cambridge Paragraph Bible Contained sixteen closely printed pages of differences from the original 161 1 edition



APPENDIX B:   The 24,000 Changes in the AV Since 1611 to 1769


The American Bible Society, which publishes the KJV, documented about 24,000 revisional changes from 1611 to 1769, mostly spelling but also additions and deletions of phrases, changes of word meanings, grammatical forms, tenses, gender, numbers and capitalizations!  Dr James D Price, in his 2006 book “King James Onlyism: A New Sect”, Appendix A, reproduces 600 of these changes that have some degree of significance; some represent moderni­zation of vocabulary or grammar; some represent correction of discrepancies in earlier editions; some represent the introduction of new discrepancies not in earlier editions: -


Changed One Word for Another of Similar Meaning

Reference                     1611 Edition                 Current Editions

Gen 8:13                      one                                           first

Num 5:20                     hath lien                                    have lain

Num 7:61                     a silver bowl                             one silver bowl

1 Kings 6:1                   fourscore                                  eightieth

1 Kings 16:8                 twentieth and sixt                      twenty and sixth

1 Kings 16:23               one                                           first

1 Kings 18:28               loud                                          aloud

2 Chr 26:18                  pertaineth                                 appertaineth

2 Chr 34:10                  mend                                        amend

Job 30:6                       clifts                                         cliffs (Oxford ed.)

Isa 8:6                          For so much                             Forasmuch

Jer 34:11                      afterwards                                afterward

Jer 46:20                      afterwards                                afterward

Ezek 43:27                   eight day                                   eighth day

Dan 2:27                      astrologians                              astrologers

Zeph 3:11                     mine                                         my

Matt 17:20                   unpossible                                impossible

Matt 19:26                   unpossible                                impossible

Luke 1:37                     unpossible                                impossible

Luke 18:27                   unpossible                                impossible

Acts 10:9                     house                                       housetop

Acts 28:8                     flixe                                          flux

Rom 11:27                   bide                                          abide

1 Cor 14:23                 some place                               one place

2 Pet 1:9                      farre                                         afar

Rev 17:2                      inhabiters                                  inhabitants



Changed One Word for Another of Different meaning

Reference                     1611 Edition                             Current Editions

Exod 31:10                  clothes                                      cloths

Exod 38:11                  hoopes                                     hooks

Num 6:14                     lamb                                         ram

Josh 3:15                      at                                             all

1 Kings 18:28               lancers                                      lancets

2 Chr 3L10                  place                                        house

2 Chr 32:5                    prepared                                  repaired

Ezra 2:22                      children                                    men

Job 4:17                       sowest                                      sewest

Job 20:25                     Glistering                                  glittering

Job 30:3                       flying                                        fleeing

Psa 69:32                     good                                        God

Psa 139:7                     flie                                            flee

Psa 143:9                     flie                                            flee

Prov 28:17                   flie                                            flee

Eccl 3:7                        rent                                          rend

Eccl 3:7                        sow                                          sew

Jer 49:1                        God                                         Gad

Ezek 1:17                     returned                                    turned

Ezek 13:18                   sow                                          sew

Ezek 44:23                   men                                          them

Ezek 46:23                   new                                          row of

Hosea 9:11                   flee                                           fly

Nah 1:4                        floure                                        flower

Nah 3:16                      flieth                                         fleeth (Oxford ed.)

Mark 2:21                    soweth                                     seweth

Mark 5:6                      he came                                    he ran

Mark 14:55                  counsell                                    council

John 15:20                   then                                          than

Acts 24:24                   Jew                                          Jewess

Rom 12:2                     that acceptable                         and acceptable

1 Cor 4:6                     approved                                  appointed

1 Tim 1:4                      then                                          than

1 Tim 6:11                    flie                                            flee

Rev 12:14                    flee                                           fly



Changed an Archaic Word or Form for a More Modern Equivalent

Reference                     1611 Edition                             Current Editions

2 Sam 9:5                     fet                                            fetched

2 Sam 11:27                 fet                                            fetched

1 Kings 7:13                 fet                                            fetched

1 Kings 9:38                 fet                                            fetched

2 Kings 4:35                 neesed                                      sneezed

2 Kings 11:4                 fet                                            fetched

2 Chr 12:11                  fet                                            fetched

Job 10:10                     cruddled                                   curdled

Job 18:9                       grinne                                       gin

Psa 7:14                       travelleth                                   travaileth

Psa 140:5                     grinnes                                      gins

Psa 141:9                     grinnes                                      gins

Eccl 1:13                      travell                                       travail

Eccl 4:6                        travell                                       travail

Eccl 4:8                        travell                                       travail

Eccl 5:4                        travell                                       travail

Isa 13:8                        travelleth                                   travaileth

Isa 21:3                        travelleth                                   travaileth

Isa 23:4                        travell                                       travail

Isa 53:11                      travell                                       travail

Isa 54:1                        travell                                       travail

Jer 4:31                        travell                                       travail

Jer 15:7                        sith                                           since

Jer 22:23                      travell                                       travail

Jer 23:38                      sith                                           since

Jer 26:23                      fet                                            fetched

Jer 31:8                        travelleth                                   travaileth

Jer 36:21                      fet                                            fetched

Jer 49:24                      travell                                       travail

Jer 50:43                      travell                                       travail

Lam 3:5                        travell                                       travail

Ezek 10:5                     utter court                                 outer court

Mic 4:9                        travell                                       travail

Mic 4:10                      travell                                       travail

Matt 24:50                   ware                                         aware

Luke 12:46                   ware                                         aware

Acts 28:13                   fet                                            fetched

1 Tim 2:9                      shamefastness                           shamefacedness


Changed a Word for its Possessive Form (or visa versa)

The earlier editions of the KJV did not use an apostrophe to indicate the possessive form of words. Thus there could have been confusion between a possessive and a plural. These usually were corrected in the later revisions. The following are examples of the many changes of this type.


Reference                     1611 Edition                             Current Editions

Gen 31:1                      fathers                                      father's

Lev 25:5                       it owne accord                          its own accord

Num 24:6                     river side                                  river's side

Judg 11:2                     his wives sons                           his wife's sons

1 Sam 2:13                   priests                                      priests'

1 Kings 15:14               Asa his heart                             Asa's heart

1 Chr 7:2, 40                fathers                                      father's

Ezra 2:59                      fathers                                      father's

Esther 3:4                     Mordechai his matters               Mordechai's matters

Psa 6:4                         mercies                                    mercies'

Psa 31:16                     mercies                                     mercies'

Psa 44:26                     mercies                                     mercies'

Psa 81:12                     hearts                                       hearts'

Psa 140:30                   adders                                      adders'

Prov 26:3                     fools                                         fool's

Prov 31:14                   merchants                                 merchants'

Ezek 1:2                       Jehoiakins                                 Jehoiachin's

Ezek 7:11                     theirs                                        their's (Oxford ed.)

Ezek 22:10                   fathers                                      fathers'

Ezek 44:30                   priests                                      priest's

Dan 2:41                      potters                                      potters'

Matt 14:9                     othes                                        oath's

Rom 4:19                     Saras                                        Sarah's

1 Cor 10:29                 other's                                      other


Changed a Singular for a Plural Form (or visa versa)

Reference                     1611 Edition                             Current Editions

Gen 23:10                    gates                                        gate

Gen 39:1                      hand                                         hands

Gen 47:6                      any man                                    any men

Exod 23:13                  names                                       name

Exod 29:26                  consecrations                            consecration

Exod 35:29                  hands                                       hand

Lev 2:4                         unleavened cake                       unleavened cakes

Lev 10:14                     sacrifice                                    sacrifices

Lev 22:10                     priests                                      priest

Lev 25:31                     walls                                         wall

Num 1:2                       poll                                           polls

Num 1:18                     poll                                           polls

Num 1:20                     poll                                           polls

Num 4:40                     houses                                      house

Deut 16:4                     coasts                                       coast

Deut 23:25                   neighbours                                neighbour

Deut 28:9                     noone dayes                             noonday

Deut 28:42                   locusts                                      locust

Josh 7:14                      households                               household

Judg 11:2                     his wives sons                           his wife's sons

1 Sam 20:5                   fields                                        field

1 Sam 28:7                   servant                                     servants

1 Kings 3:2                   word                                        words

1 Kings 13:11               his sonne                                  his sons

2 Kings 9:23                 hand                                         hands

2 Kings 21:21               ways                                        way

2 Kings 22:2                 ways                                        way

2 Kings 23:36               year                                          years

2 Kingsa 24:13              treasure                                    treasures

1 Chr 3:19                    sonne                                       sons

1 Chr 7:35                    sonne                                       sons

2 Chr 31:6                    tithes                                        tithe

2 Chr 33:19                  all his sinne                               all his sins (Oxford ed.)

Psa 141:9                     snare                                        snares

Psa 148:8                     vapour                                      vapours (Oxford ed.)

Song 4:6                       mountains                                 mountain

Song 5:12                     water                                        waters

Isa 10:34                      forests                                      forest

Isa 49:13                      heaven                                      heavens

Jer 4:6                          standards                                  standard

Jer 23:20                      word                                        words

Jer 51:12                      watchman                                 watchmen

Jer 52:1                        year                                          years

Ezek 32:25                   multitudes                                 multitude

Ezek 34:28                   beasts                                       beast

Dan 5:31                      year                                          years

Amos 1:1                     two year                                   two years

Amos 8:3                     Temples                                   temple

Mal 3:4                        offerings                                   offering

Matt 26:75                   words                                       word

Mark 10:46                  high ways side                          highway side

Luke 1:74                     hands                                       hand

Luke 8:5                       the wayes side                          the way side

Luke 11:16                   other                                        others

Luke 18:9                     other                                        others

John 11:3                     sister                                        sisters

Acts 7:35                     hands                                       hand

Rom 4:19                     year                                          years

Rom 11:28                   sake                                         sakes

1 Cor 10:29                 others                                       other

2 Cor 5:1                     hand                                         hands

2 Cor 11:26                 journeying                                 journeyings

Phil 4:6                       request                                     requests

Col 1:12                       sometimes                                sometime

Heb 3:10                      hearts                                       heart

1 Pet 2:5                      sacrifice                                    sacrifices

Rev 17:4                      stone                                        stones


Changed One Article for Another

Reference                     1611 Edition                             Current Editions

Prov 25:24                   a corner                                    the corner

Ezek 42:17                   a measuring reed                       the measuring reed

Hos 13:3                      a whirlwind                               the whirlwind

Luke 19:9                     the son                                     a son

Luke 20:12                   the third                                    a third

Rom 14:6                     a day                                        the day


Changed One Pronoun for Another

Reference                     1611 Edition                             Current Editions

Gen 39:16                    her lord                                    his lord

Lev 15:33                     which                                       that

Ruth 3:15                     he                                             she

2 Chr 28:22                  this                                           his

Job 39:30                     he                                             she

Psa 109:33                   those                                        these

Prov 6:19                     him                                           he

Jer 34:16                      ye                                             he (Oxford ed.)

Jer 40:1                        which                                       that

Jer 51:30                      their                                          her

Ezek 6:8                       that he may                               that ye may

Ezek 24:5                     him                                           them

Ezek 26:14                   they                                          thou

Ezek 48:8                     they                                          ye

Hos 4:4                        this people                                thy people

Hos 13:3                      dew it passeth                           dew that passeth

Joel 1:16                      your                                         our

Mark 14:36                  that                                           what

John 8:30                     those                                        these

James 2:16                   you                                           ye

James 5:4                     which                                       who

1 John 2:29                  which                                       that


Changed One Conjunction for Another

Reference                     1611 Edition                             Current Editions

Lev 11:10                     nor                                           and

Num 36:3                     whereinto                                 whereunto

Josh 19:2                      or Sheba                                  and Sheba (Oxford ed)

Psa 24:3                       and                                           or

Jer 16:2                        nor                                           or


Changed One Preposition for Another

Reference                     1611 Edition                             Current Editions

Lev 1:;8                        in the fire                                  on the fire

Deut 4:49                     of this side                                on this side

2 Sam 16:8                   to thy mischief                           in thy mischief

1 Kings 22:2                 on the third year                        in the third year

2 Kings 20:17               unto Babylon                            into Babylon

1 Chr 11:15                  of David                                   to David

1 Chr 29:6                    over the Kings worke               of the king's work

Isa 44:20                      of ashes                                    on ashes

Ezek 39:11                   at that day                                in that day

Mark 11:8                    of the trees                               off the trees

Luke 23:19                   in prison                                   into prison

Acts 25:6                     in the judgment seat                  on the judgment seat

1 Pet 5:10                    into . . . glory                            unto . . . glory

Rev 22:2                      of either side                             on either side


Changed One Negative for Another

Reference                     1611 Edition                             Current Editions

Matt 13:6                     not                                           no

Mark 10:18                  no man                                     none

1 Cor 13:2                   no                                            not


Changed a Preposition for a Conjunction (or visa versa)

Reference                     1611 Edition                             Current Editions

Josh 3:11                      even the Lord                           of the Lord

1 Chr 26:18                  And Parbar                              At Parbar

Zech 7:7                       of                                             and

1 Cor 15:6                   And                                          After


Changed an Article for a Pronoun (or visa versa)

Reference                     1611 Edition                             Current Editions

Lev 1:9                        the inwards                               his inwards

Lev 23:22                     the field                                    thy field

Lev 25:6                       the stranger                               thy stranger

Num 9:18                     the tents                                    their tents

Deut 15:11                   the land                                    thy land

Deut 16:5                     the gates                                   thy gates

Deut 28:23                   the heaven                                thy heaven

Josh 7:26                      the place                                   that place

Judg 14:17                   while the feast                           while their feast

1 Sam 6:7                     the calves                                 their calves

1 Sam 10:23                 the shoulders                            his shoulders

1 Kings 15:19               the league                                 thy league

2 Kings 15:15               the conspiracy                          his conspiracy

2 Chr 6:27                    the land                                    thy land

Neh 9:17                      the wonders                              thy wonders

Esth 4:4                        the sackcloth                            his sackcloth

Psa 105:30                   The land                                   Their land

Prov 27:26                   thy field                                    the field

Eccl 1:5                        the place                                   his place

Isa 47:6                        the yoke                                   thy yoke

Jer 28:6                        the words                                 thy words

Jer 51:27                      her horses                                 the horses

Ezek 5:1                       take the balances                      take thee balances

Ezek 36:15                   the nations                                thy nations

Dan 3:18                      thy golden image                       the golden image

Dan 12:13                    the lot                                       thy lot

Joel 3:13                      the wickedness                         their wickedness

Nah 3:17                      The crowned                            Thy crowned

John 15:20                   the Lord                                   his lord

Rom 7:2                       law of the husband                    law of her husband

Eph 4:24                      that new man                            the new man

2 Thes 2:14                  the Lord Jesus Christ                our Lord Jesus Christ

2 Tim 2:19                    the seal                                   this seal


Changed Tense, Mood, or Number of Verb Inflections

The later revisers of the KJV changed the inflected form of some verbs with respect to tense, mood, or number. Sometimes the change was made to modernize the grammar, sometimes to improve the accuracy of the translation, or sometimes for some other reason.


Reference                     1611 Edition                             Current Editions

Gen 47:18                    had                                           hath

Lev 5:10                       had sinned                                hath sinned

Lev 13:29                     hath a plague                            have a plague

Lev 25:23                     were strangers                          are strangers

Num 5:20                     hath lien                                    have lain

Num 30:8                     disallow                                    disallowed

Deut 2:37                     forbade                                    forbad

2 Sam 6:12                   pertained                                  pertaineth

1 Kings 15:27               belongeth                                  belonged

2 Kings 12:18               dedicate                                   dedicated

1 Chr 26:20                  dedicate                                   dedicated

1 Chr 26:26                  dedicate                                   dedicated

1 Chr 28:12                  dedicate                                   dedicated

2 Chr 24:7                    dedicate                                   dedicated

2 Chr 31:12                  dedicate                                   dedicated

Psa 115:3                     pleased                                     hath pleased

Psa 119:102                 may                                          might

Isa 64:1                        rent                                          rend

Jer 1:13                        was                                          is

Jer 48:36                      is                                              are

Ezek 36:2                     had                                           hath

Dan 3:19                      to be heat                                 to be heated

Amos 9:5                     dwelleth                                    dwell

Zech 4:2                       were                                         are

Matt 27:22                   said                                          saith

Mark 6:7                      calleth                                       called

Luke 8:8                       said                                          had said

John 11:34                   say                                           said

John 12:22                   told                                          tell

John 21:17                   said                                          saith

1 Cor 7:32                   belongeth                                  belong

Eph 1:9                        had                                           hath

1 John 3:17                  hath                                          have

Rev 13:6                      dwelt                                        dwell


Changed Word Order That Affects Sense

Reference                     1611 Edition                             Current Editions

Num 3:13                     they shall be                              shall they be

2 Kings 23:21               this book of the covenant          the book of this covenant

Job 4:6                         confidence: the uprightness        confidence, thy hope,

                                    of thy ways and thy hope?         and the uprightness of thy ways?

Psa 132:12                   also shall sit                              shall also sit

Isa 6:8                          I said                                        said I

Dan 6:13                      the captivity of the children        the children of the captivity

John 5:18                     not only because he                  because he not only

Acts 19:19                   also of them                              of them also

Rom 3:24                     Jesus Christ                              Christ Jesus

Rom 6:12                     reign therefore                          therefore reign

Rom 7:13                     Was that then                           Was then that


Changed Punctuation That Affects Sense

The punctuation used in 1611 was quite different from that of 1769. Extensive modernization of punctuation was made by the revisers of the KJV. Some punctuation changes that affected meaning are listed here. The punctuation used in current editions of the KJV is significantly different than modern punctuation. People today who are unfamiliar with this archaic punctuation may be confused by it.


Reference                     1611 Edition                             Current Editions

2 Sam 4:4                     feet, and was                            feet. He was

Job 4:6                         confidence: the uprightness        confidence, thy hope,

                                    of thy ways and thy hope?         and the uprightness of thy ways?

Acts 27:18                   being exceedingly tossed           being exceedingly tossed

                                    with a tempest the next             with a tempest, the next

                                    day, . . .                                    day . . .


Changed the Spelling of Important Names

The spelling was changed for many proper names. Only a few examples are listed that are more significant.


Reference                     1611 Edition                             Current Editions

Gen 5:32                      Sem                                         Shem

Gen 6:10                      Sem                                         Shem

Gen 7:13                      Sem                                         Shem

2 Kings 19:2                 Esai                                          Isaiah

2 Kings 20:1                 Amos                                       Amoz

2 Kings 24:19               Jehoiachin                                 Jehoikim

Jer 52:31                      Jehoiakin                                  Jehoiachin

Rom 4:19                     Saraes                                      Sarah's

Rom 9:9                       Sara                                         Sarah

1 Cor 9:9                     Moyses                                    Moses

1 Cor 10:2                   Moyses                                    Moses


Added Words That Were Not in the 1611

Added Articles:

Reference                     1611 Edition                             Current Editions

Gen 22:7                      the fire and wood                      the fire and the wood

Gen 36:14                    the daughter of Anah,                the daughter of Anah

                                    daughter of Zibeon                    the daughter of Zibeon

Exod 34:25                  the feast of passover                 the feast of the passover

Lev 11:3                       cheweth cud                             cheweth the cud

Deut 4:32                     God created man upon               God created man upon

                                    earth                                         the earth

Deut 9:10                     the midst of fire                          the midst of the fire

Deut 20:7                     lest he die in battle                    lest he die in the battle

Josh 3:10                      and Girgashites                         and the Girgashites

Josh 12:6                      and Gadites                              and the Gadites

Josh 13:23                    and villages thereof                   and the villages thereof

1 Sam 25:16                 keeping sheep                           keeping the sheep

Ezra 7:18                      the silver and gold                     the silver and the gold

Psa 99:2                       high above all people                high above all the people

Jer 35:13                      and inhabitants of Jerusalem      and the inhabitants of Jerusalem

Ezek 11:24                   brought me in vision                  brought me in a vision

Matt 16:16                   Thou art Christ                           Thou art the Christ

Matt 27:52                   bodies of saints                         bodies of the saints

Mark 2:4                      for press                                   for the press

Acts 5:34                     a doctor of law                            a doctor of the law

Acts 18:5                     pressed in spirit                          pressed in the spirit

1 Cor 14:15                 pray with understanding                 pray with the understanding

Gal 3:13                       hangeth on tree                           hangeth on a tree


Added Pronouns:

Reference                     1611 Edition                             Current Editions

Deut 4:5                       and shall have remained            and ye shall have remained

2 Sam 4:4                     his feet, and was                       his feet. He was

2 Sam 16:12                 Lord will requite good                 Lord will requite me good

1 Kings 13:6                 restored again                           restored him again

2 Kings 8:19                 he promised to give                   he promised him to give

2 Chr 29:23                  and laid their hands                   and they laid their hands

Neh 2;12                      what God had put                     what my God had put

Prov 7:21                     With much fair speech              With her much fair speech

Isa 51:16                      and have covered thee              and I have covered thee

Isa 57:8                        and made a covenant                and made thee a covenant

Jer 12:15                      and will bring again                   and will bring them again

Jer 31:14                      be satisfied with goodness         be satisfied with my goodness

Dan 1:12                      let them give pulse                     let them give us pulse

Amos 1:11                   and kept his wrath                    and he kept his wrath

Mal 2:2                        and will curse                            and I will curse

Mal 4:2                        and shall go forth                      and ye shall go forth

Matt 3:12                     but will burn up                         but he will burn up

Acts 27:18                   And being exceedingly              And we being exceedingly

Rom 4:12                     but also walk in the                   but who also walk in the

1 Cor 14:15                 and will pray with                      and I will pray with


Added Preposition:

Reference                     1611 Edition                             Current Editions

Lev 7:23                       no manner fat                            no manner of fat

Lev 14:54                     all manner plague                      all manner of plague

Numbers 20:5              or vines                                    or of vines

Judges 1:31                  nor Achzib                                nor of Achzib

                                    nor Helbath                              nor of Helbath

                                    nor Aphik                                 nor of Aphik

1 Kings 16:19               Israel sin                                   Israel to sin

Ezra 8:21                      the river Ahava                        the river of Ahava

Neh 7:59                      of Pochereth Zebaim                 of Pochereth of Zebiam

Isa 10:26                      the rock Oreb                           the rock of Oreb

Jer 42:16                      after you in Egypt                      after you there in Egypt

Acts 24:14                   and the prophets                       and in the prophets

Heb 8:8                        the house of Judal                     with the house of Judah

Rev 1:11                      and Philadelphia                        and unto Philadelphia


Added Conjunctions:

Reference                     1611 Edition                             Current Editions

Exod 23:23                  the Hivites                                and the Hivites

1 Chr 6:60                    Anathoth with her                     and Anathoth with her

1 Chr 29:2                    the silver for things                    and the silver for things

2 Chr 32:20                  For this cause                           And for this cause

Est 1:8                          for the king had                       for so the king had

Job 41:5                       wilt thou bind him                      or wilt thou bind him

Psa 62:10                     become not vain                       and become not vain

Psa 107:19                   he saveth them                          and he saveth them

Psa 113:9                     to be a joyful mother                 and to be a joyful mother

Isa 34:11                      The cormorant                          But the cormorant

Jer 26:18                      the house the high                     the house as high

Jer 31:18                      thou art the Lord my God            for thou art the Lord my God

Ezek 23:23                   all the Assyrians                        and all the Assyrians

Matt 16:19                   whatsoever thou shalt                and whatsoever thou shalt

                                    loose on earth                           loose on earth

Luke 17:34                   the other shall be left                 and the other shall be left

Acts 2:22                     by miracles, wonders,               by miracles and wonders

                                    and signs                                  and signs

Rom 14:10                   we shall all stand                       for we shall all stand

1 Cor 10:28                 the earth is the Lord's                for the earth is the Lord's

2 Cor 8:21                   but in the sight of men               but also in the sight of men

2 Cor 9:5                     not of covetousness                  and not of covetousness

Gal 5:15                       take heed ye be not                  take heed that ye be not

2 Tim 1:17                    of power, of love                      of power, and of love

1 John 2:16                  the lust of the eyes                    and the lust of the eyes

Rev 5:13                      Blessing, honour, glory                Blessing, and honour, and glory


Added Negatives:

Reference                     1611 Edition                             Current Editions

Ezek 24:7                     poured it upon the ground         poured it not upon the ground

Matt 12:23                   Is this the son of David?            Is not this the son of David?


Other Words or Phrases Added:

Reference                     1611 Edition                             Current Editions

Gen 19:21                    concerning this thing                  concerning this thing also

Exod 15:25                  he made a statute                      he made for them a statute

Exod 21:32                  thirty shekels                             thirty shekels of silver

Exod 26:8                    the eleven shall be                     the eleven curtains shall be

Exod 35:11                  his taches, and his                     his taches, and his boards,

                                    bars, his pillars                          his bars, his pillars

Lev 19:34                     shall be as one born                  shall be unto you as one born

Lev 20:11                     shall be put to death                  shall surely be put to death

Lev 26:23                     be reformed by these things       be reformed by me by these things

Lev 26:40                      the iniquity of their fathers           their iniquity, and the iniquity

                                                                                     of their fathers

Num 7:31                     charger of an hundred and         charger of the weight of an

                                   thirty shekels                             hundred and thirty shekels

Num 7:55                    charger of an hundred and         charger of the weight of an

                                  thirty shekels                             hundred and thirty shekels

Deut 5:29                     keep my commandments           keep all my commandments

Deut 26:1                     the LORD giveth thee               the LORD thy God giveth thee

Josh 11:17                    unto Baalgad in the valley          even unto Baalgad in the

                                    of Lebanon                                   valley of Lebanon

Josh 13:29              the half tribe of Manasseh         the half tribe of the children

                                                                                of Manasseh

1 Sam 18:1                   he made an end of speaking      he had made an end of speaking

1 Sam 18:27                 David arose, he and his men      David arose and went, he and

his men

1 Kings 9:11                 then Solomon gave Hiram         then king Solomon gave Hiram

2 Kings 11:10               in the temple.                            in the temple of the LORD.

2 Kings 20:13               in the house of his precious        all the house of his precious

                                    things                                        things

1 Chr 7:5                      were men of might                    were valiant men of might

Job 33:22                     His soul draweth near               Yea, his soul draweth near

Psa 44 title                   for the sons of Korah                for the sons of Korah,   Maschil

Psa 115:3                     whatsoever he pleased              whatsoever he hath pleased

Eccl 2:16                      shall be forgotten                      shall all be forgotten

Eccl 8:17                      a man labour to seek it              a man labour to seek it out,

                                    out, yea further                        yet he shall not find it, yea further

Jer 38:16                      So the king                               So Zedekiah the king

Ezek 3:11                     unto thy people             unto the children of thy people

Ezek 12:19                   viiolence of them                       violence of all them

Ezek 34:31                   my flock of my pasture             my flock, the flock of my pasture

Dan 3:15                      the midst of a fiery furnace        the midst of a burning fiery furnace

Matt 6:3                       what thy right doeth                  what thy right hand doeth

Luke 1:3                       understanding of things             understanding of all things

John 7:16                     Jesus answered them,               Jesus answered them, and

                                    My doctrine                              said, My doctrine

1 Cor 15:41                 another of the moon                  another glory of the moon

1 Cor 15:48                 they that are earthly                   they also that are earthly

2 Cor 9:6                     shall reap sparingly                    shall reap also sparingly

                                    shall reap bountifully                  shall reap also bountifully

2 Cor 11:32                 kept the city with a garrison       kept the city of the

                                                                                Damascenes with a garrison

Eph 6:24                      them that love our Lord them that love our Lord Jesus

                                    Jesus in sincerity.                      in sincerity. Amen.

1 Tim 1:4                      rather than edifying                    rather than godly edifying

2 Tim 4:8                      unto them also                          unto all them also

2 Tim 4:13                    bring with thee, but especially  bring with thee, and the

                                    the parchments.                     books, but especially the parchments.

Heb 11:23                    and they not afraid                    and they were not afraid

James 5:2                     your garments motheaten          your garments are motheaten

1 Pet 2:6                      Wherefore it is contained          Wherefore also it is contained

1 John 5:12                  he that hath not the Son,            he that hath not the Son of

                                   hath not life.                         God hath not life.

Jude 25                        dominion and power, now         dominion and power, both

                                    and ever.                                  now and ever.

Rev 1:4                        to the seven churches in Asia       to the seven churches which

                                                                                     are in Asia


Deleted Words That Were in the 1611

Deleted Articles:

Reference                     1611 Edition                             Current Editions

Lev 2:4                         it shall be an unleavened cake      it shall be unleavened cakes

1 Sam 10:10                 a company of the priests           a company of priests

2 Kings 13:24               Hazael the king of Syria            Hazael king of Syria

2 Chr 16:6                    Baasha was a building               Baasha was building

Ezra 4:24                      of the house of the God             of the house of God

Prov 10:23                   It is as a sport                           It is as sport

Matt 9:34                     He casteth out the devils           He casteth out devils


Deleted Pronouns:

Reference                     1611 Edition                             Current Editions

Exod 37:19                  bowls made he after the            bowls made after the fashion


2 Sam 2:9                     And he made him king              And made him king

2 Sam 11:1                   it came to pass, that after          it came to pass, after

Isa 28:24                      when he that looketh upon        when he that looketh upon

                                    it, seeth it, while it is yet           it seeth, while it is yet

2 Tim 1:12                    and I am persuaded                  and am persuaded


Deleted Prepositions:

Reference                     1611 Edition                             Current Editions

Josh 12:2                      the river of Arnon                     the river Arnon

2 Kings 8:19                 to give to him alway a light        to give him alway a light

1 Cor 12:28                 helps in governments                 helps, governments

Heb 12:1                      with patience unto the race        with patience the race


Deleted Conjunctions:

Reference                     1611 Edition                             Current Editions

2 Sam 4:4                     feet, and was                            feet. He was

Ezek 18:1                     And the word of the Lord         The word of the Lord

Luke 3:21                     and it came to pass                   it came to pass

2 Cor 5:20                   that be ye                                 be ye


Deleted Other Words or Phrases:

Reference                     1611 Edition                             Current Editions

Ezra 3:5                        that willingly offered,                 that willingly offered a

                                     offered a freewill offering            freewill offering

Jer 40:5                        over all the cities of Judah         over the cities of Judah

Zech 11:2                     all the mighty are spoiled           the mighty are spoiled


Changed the Names of God

            The spelling of the names of God reflects the Hebrew words from which they were translated. The following list indicated the translation convention:

                                    LORD  יהךה

                                    Lord     אךנ׳

                                    God     אלח׳ם

                                    GOD    יהךה


Capitalization of the first letter is reserved for names referring to the one true God.


Reference                     1611 Edition                             Current Editions

Gen 6:5                        God                                         GOD

Exod 23:15                  LORD God                              Lord GOD

2 Sam 7:22                   Lord GOD                               LORD God

2 Sam 12:22                 God                                         GOD

2 Chr 13:6                    his LORD                                 his lord

2 Chr 17:4                    LORD God                              LORD God

2 Chr 28:11                  God                                         LORD

Neh 1:11                      O LORD                                  O Lord

Neh 3:5                        LORD                                      Lord

Neh 8:10                      our LORD                                our Lord

Psa 2:4                         LORD                                      Lord

Isa 49:13                      God                                         the LORD

Zech 6:4                       LORD                                      lord


Changed Capitalization of Doctrinally

Important Proper Nouns

            The initial letter of proper nouns that refer to God are capitalized, otherwise they have an initial lower case letter. For example, "Spirit" refers to the Holy Spirit of God, whereas "spirit" refers to an angel, the spirit of man, and so forth. The word "Judge" refers to God as the divine Judge, whereas "judge" refers to a human judge. The word "Scripture" refers to the divinely inspired Word of God, whereas "scripture" refers to other writings.


Words Referring to Deity:

The convention for capitalizing words in 1611 was different than in 1769; many more words were capitalized in the earlier editions of the KJV than in current editions. The revisers corrected the capitalization of the KJV to the convention current with their time. Most of these changes are not listed here; they are mainly modernization. However, the convention for capitalizing proper nouns that refer to deity did not change. The following is a list of places where such capitalization was changed contrary to the existing convention. The list is not exhaustive. Note that the current editions of the KJV published by the American Bible Society have capitalization restored in most of these places.


Reference                     1611 Edition                             Current Editions

Gen 6:3                        Spirit                                        spirit[1]

Gen 16:7                      Angel of the LORD                  angel of the LORD[2]

Gen 31:11                    Angel of God                            angel of God[3]

Exod 33:2                    an Angel                                   an angel[4]

Josh 5:14                      my Lord                                   my lord

Deut 32:6                     Father                                      father[5]

1 Sam 2:25                   Judge                                       judge[6]

Job 19:25                     Redeemer                                 redeemer[7]

Psa 2:6                         King                                         king[8]

Psa 106:21                   Saviour                                    saviour[9]

Isa 33:22                      Lawgiver                                  lawgiver[10]

Isa 43:15                      Creator                                    creator

Isa 54:5                        holy one                                   Holy One

Isa 54:5                        redeemer                                  Redeemer

Isa 54:5                        maker                                       Maker

Dan 3:28                      his Angel                                  his angel

Dan 10:16                    Lord                                         lord[11]

Zech 3:3                       the Angel                                  the angel

Zech 4:4, 5                   Angel                                       angel

Luke 23:2                     king                                          King

John 15:20                   the Lord                                   his lord

Acts 11:12                   spirit                                         Spirit (Oxford ed.)


Words Referring to the Word of God:

Reference                     1611 Edition                             Current Editions

Dan 10:21                    Scripture                                  scripture[12]

Deut 29:21                   booke of the Law                     book of the law[13]

Josh 8:31                      the Law of Moses                     the law of Moses[14]

1 Chr 16:40                  the Lawe of the LORD               the law of the LORD[15]

Ezra 7:12                      the Law of the God of . . .         the law of the God of . . .

Ezra 7:14                      the Lawe of thy God                 the law of thy God

Neh 8:8                        the Law of God                        the law of God[16]

Matt 7:12                     the Law and the Prophets         the law and the prophets[17]

Luke 24:44                   in the Law of Moses,                in the law of Moses,

                                    and in the Prophets                   and in the prophets,

                                    and in the Psalms                      and in the psalms



APPENDIX C:  Scivener’s List of Remaining English Mistakes in the 1769 KJV



F. H. A. Scrivener, whose reverse-engineered 1881 Greek text underlying the KJV is regarded by VPP proponents as the perfect NT VPP text, was a member of the RV Committee together with Westcott and Hort and others.  His Greek text was part of the RV translation commission.  Scrivener also led in the collation of a list of English mistakes remaining in the KJV 1769, a partial list of which are as follows: -


Grammar:       Scrivener listed a number of examples of grammatical irregularities:


1.             The following illustrate irregular verb forms:


Ex. 9:31—“the flax and barley was smitten”

2 Sam. 17:29—“The people is hungry, and weary, and thirsty”

2 Chr. 1:12—“wisdom and knowledge is granted”

Mark 9:3—“no fuller...can white them.”

Luke 1:19—“Gabriel, that stand”

John 11:57—“if any man knew where he were”

Acts 1:15—“the number of names together were...”

Acts 6:7—“a great company...were obedient”

Acts 23:15—“or ever he come near”

1 John 5:15—“if we know that he hear us”

Rev. 18:17—“so great riches is come”


2.             The following illustrate antiquated singular forms that were usually corrected to plurals by the revisers, but evidently overlooked in these places:


Judg. 14:12, 13—“thirty change of garments”

1 Kings 10:17—“three pound of gold”

Ezra 2:69—“five thousand pound of silver”

Neh. 7:71—“two hundred pound of silver”

Neh. 7:72—“two thousand pound of silver”

Luke 9:28—“an eight days”


3.             The following illustrate the irregular use of an adjective for an adverb:


2 Chr. 2:9—“wonderful great”

2 Pet. 2:6—“live ungodly”


4.             The following illustrate the irregular use of double superlatives:


Mark 10:44—“chiefest” (see also 1 Sam. 2:29; 9:22; 21:7; 2 Chr. 32:33; Song 5:10; 2Cor. 11:5; 12:11)

Acts 26:5—“most straitest”


5.             The following illustrates the irregular suppression of the sign of the genitive (of):


Rev. 18:12—“all manner vessels” (twice)



Spelling:     The revisers usually corrected the archaic spelling of words. Scrivener listed numerous examples of words not corrected due to oversight:



Archaic Spelling           

Usually Corrected to

Gen. 8:11



Gen. 18:7



Ex. 17:7



Ex. 33:22



Judg. 6:31



2 Sam. 7:13, etc.



2 Chr. 2:16



Ezra 9:3, etc.



Job 41:18



Psa. 68:13



Ezek. 21; 29



Ezek. 35:6



Ezek. 40:31, etc.



Luke 9:62






[1] This change also occurs at Exod 31:3; 35:31; Num 11:26, 29; 24:2; Neh 9:30; Psa 51:11; Isa 11:2; 30:1; 42:1; Ezek 36:7; 37:1; 39:29; Joel 2:28, 29; Mic 2:7; Hag 2:5; Matt 4:1 (Oxford ed.); Mark 1:12 (Oxford ed.); John 6:63; Rom 1:4; 1 Cor 2:12; 1 John 5:8 (Cambridge ed.); Rev. 17:3.


[2] This change also occurs at Gen 16:7, 9, 10, 11; 22:11, 15; Exod 3:2; Num 22:22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 31, 32, 34, 35; Judg 2:1, 4; 5:23; 6:11, 12, 20, 21, 22, 22; 13:3, 13, 15, 16, 17, 18, 20, 21, 21; Zech 1:11, 12; 3:1, 3, 5, 6; 12:8.


[3] This change also occurs at Exod 14:19; Judg 6:20; 13:6, 9.


[4] This change also occurs at Num 20:16.


[5] This change also occurs at Isa 63:16.


[6] This change also occurs at Isa 33:22; James 5:8.


[7] This change also occurs at Isa 41:14; 43:14; 63:16.


[8] This change also occurs at Psa 45:1; 145:1; Isa 33:22; Jer 10:10; Zech 14:9.


[9] This change also occurs at Jer 14:8.


[10] This change also occurs at James 4:12.


[11] This change also occurs at Dan 10:17, 19; Zech 4:4, 5, 13.


[12] This change also occurs at Mark 12:10; 15:28; Luke 4:21; John 2:22; 7:38, 42; 10:35; 13:18; 17:12; 19:24, 28, 36, 37; 20:9; Acts 1:16; 8:32, 35; Rom 1:2; 4:3; 9:17; 10:11; 11:2; Gal 3:8, 22; 4:30; 1 Tim 5:18; 2 Tim 3:15, 16; James 2:8, 23; 4:5; 1 Pet 2:6; 2 Pet 1:20.


[13] This change occurs also at Deut 30:10; 31:26; Josh 1:8; 8:31, 34; 2 Kings 22:8, 11.


[14] This change also occurs at Josh 23:6; 1 Kings 2:3; 2 Kings 14:6; 23:25; 2 Chr 23:18; 30:16; Neh 8:1; Dan 9:13; Mal 4:4.


[15] This change also occurs at 2 Chr 17:9; 31:3, 4; 35:26; Ezra 7:10.


[16] This change also occurs in Neh 8:18; 10:28.


[17] This change also occurs at Matt 22:40; Acts 13:15; 24:14; Rom 3:21.

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